Say Thank you to Technology!

July 4, 2024

The recent advances of humanity’s ability to share information and knowledge are opening up all sorts of possibilities through the great contributions of the digital era. In addition, through technology it has become easier for every country to reshape their economies in the world market.We cannot deny the fact that these digital advances are the most effective factor in the process ofe globalization. Today, there are continuous improvements of computers, software, telecommunications, transportation, which have caused widespread improvements in access of useful information and economic potential. Thus, technology gives one the greatest contributions at the very heart of civilization.Information technology facilitates the efficiency of results and benefits all sectors of the economy. Nowadays, technology helps in the communication expansion of products, ideas and resources among people and nations.If the digital era is so very advantageous to the life of humans, do you think there are also some negative effects of it to people’s daily living?The tremendous development and adaptation in technology have drastically changed the lifestyle of every person in society. The progress in technology has had several positive impacts as well as bad implications to people. The massive development of technology has also had a complex effect on people, especially in terms of cultural values and social behaviour. Today, there are several forms of entertainment, such as television, internet, video games, that have sometimes serious and alarming effects on children and even on adults. They are often accused of causing laziness, and even obesity. Furthermore, through the internet, it is easier for people, and especially children, to be exposed to pornographic materials and gambling industries that are openly available online.Technology is truly a part of human lives already; it is easy to believe that today, the majority of modern people cannot live without using technology every day. There are maybe some negative or positive effects of modernization and technology, however, the positive and negative effect of technology on people or society will depend on the actual choices that people make. In addition, other effects of technology depend on how people interpret the situation. Technology could be used to prolong or terminate a life, but it depends on the family or patients’ desire. Hence, the attitude of a person towards technology may depend on how much they need the technological presence or exposure in order to survive.People are greatly influenced by the availability of technologies, and people influence the technology’s development in accordance to its usage and great contribution to people. The thing is that people should take advantage of the technological advances, and use its benefits properly and yet carefully.