Photo to Pop Art Brings Pop Art into Your Home

May 27, 2024

The Whole Point of the Pop Art Movement


The Pop Art movement was born in England in the late 1950s and swiftly gained support in the United States where it obtained mainstream acceptance by both the art world and the general public during the 1960s and also It started as a rejection of abstract expressionism and the elitist notion that art required sophistication or a special understanding to be appreciated. The Pop Art style has become perhaps one of the most widely enjoyed art styles in the world.

Popular Art glorifies daily life and the everyday objects of popular culture and takes its themes from the iconic images of a materialistic and consumer oriented society. By using photo realism and mass-produced printmaking techniques, Pop Art blurred the lines between fine art and commercial art and made owning an original work of art easy and affordable.

uses Digital Technology

Pop Art has retained its popularity and naturally lends itself to advances in technology and materials. The Pop Art style easily adapts to film animation, advertising, computer games and to any digital image. One of