How To Relieve IBS With Hypnosis Downloads

June 1, 2024

The symptoms of IBS are irritating to say the very least, and frequently more than just a little debilitating.  There are millions of sufferers worldwide, and most have tried a wide variety of different treatments, only to find that their symptoms prevail.  It has to be agreed that it is a very persistent ailment.


Treatment may take many different forms and the results vary from one individual to another.  When one has a physical condition the immediate course of action is to visit your doctor and hope that he or she writes out a prescription.   The doctor’s focus is upon providing you with something which will clear your symptoms.  This is their primary focus.  They do this within a framework of Michael Emery
Michael J. Emerywhat drugs are available in the country they are in (remembering here that some drugs are approved by FDA in the USA but may not be in the UK or Europe and vice-versa) and also with an awareness of the cost and what an insurance company/the NHS will agree to pay for.

One should always be mindful of this type of limitation upon what treatment becomes available, or not, to cure your symptoms.  A friend who has recently completed their masters in applied economics pointed out something else which is worth becoming aware of.  In the USA the medical system is private and insurance based.  The UK has a government subsidized National Health Service.  This means that a doctor in the USA is paid for every visit which a patient makes, whilst in the UK a doctor gets paid a set salary irrespective of the number of patients he or she sees.  The implications which flow from these different systems are quite great.  The US system encourages a GP to simply look at the symptom and seek an immediate cure.  The UK system encourages a GP to take a closer look at the CAUSE – if you can remove the cause them the patient will have a long term cure and thus not reappear in the waiting room time and time again.

Professor Peter Whorwell, a gastro-enterologist in Manchester, UK, has been researching the use of gut directed hypnosis for over 20 years and his clinical studies have shown impressive results.  These methods have proven to be highly effective consistently, with a recent study showing the use of hypnotherapy and visualization techniques had helped 71% of patients for up to 5 years afterwards.  Not only that, this method of treatment has been found to help relieve all of the symptoms whereas some of the drugs available only help reduce a few.

Hypnosis has thus been proven as a very powerful way in which to gain major relief from IBSover a long period of time.  It is a normal and natural state and has no negative side effects at all.  The only problem is in its availability to the public.  The main issues which prevent its easy availability are in reality to do with the “system”.   A drug can be tested to see that it is identical to another drug and drug companies spend a lot of money on research projects, and then the relevant authorities look over that research (once they have received a large fee) and decide whether or not to put it on the market.  The time and money required to get a drug to the market place is phenomenal.


A hypnotherapy session cannot be standardized in this manner, although a hypnosis recording can.  There is no system to quality control a cd like there is for a drug.  And so, because there is no procedure for standardization, hypnosis remains something which is usually not available, either on the NHS or via your Insurance company, DESPITE the fact that has been proven to be so very effective in the treatment of IBS.

The good news forIBSsufferers is that you can now purchase hypnosis downloads to help relieve your IBSat very little cost, direct from the inter