Online Games: MMORPGs – What Are They?

June 15, 2024

The Evolution of Online Gaming

Online games are played over a computer network, which today almost always means the Internet. The rise of online gaming has significantly influenced the expansion of computer networks from local setups to the global s, contributing to the widespread growth of Internet access.


The Internet Revolution

The advent of the Internet brought about a revolution in online gaming. The introduction of technologies like Flash and Java enabled websites to offer streaming video, audio, and interactive content. When Microsoft included Flash players as a pre-installed component of Internet Explorer, the Internet transitioned from being merely a source of information to a platform for on-demand entertainment.

The Rise of Online Games

The inclusion of Flash in Internet Explorer paved the way for websites to offer games to web surfers. Popular online games like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, and Lineage II charge monthly fees for access, while others like Guild Wars offer a no-monthly-fee model. Some sites rely on advertising revenues to offer free play, while others, like Runescape, provide free access with optional paid services for additional content.

Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs)

The growth of broadband Internet access has made MMOGs possible, allowing thousands of players to participate in the same game simultaneously. These games have become particularly popular among children, teens, and young adults.

Types of MMOGs

  1. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs): Games like World of Warcraft fall into this category, where players assume the roles of characters in a virtual world.
  2. Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy (MMORTS): Games like Mankind, where players manage resources and armies in real-time.
  3. Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter (MMOFPS): Games like Darkfall, where players engage in combat from a first-person perspective.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Games

The widespread availability of broadband Internet has made it possible for gamers to play from the comfort of their homes while interacting with others online. However, this convenience comes with its own set of pros and cons.