Organizing a Perfect Bachelor Party Games & Other Ideas

Organizing a Perfect Bachelor Party Games & Other Ideas

Most think that planning a bachelor party is a simple task, as compared to pulling off a bank robbery, but that is why most aren’t invited to come up with ideas, because planning a bachelor party is one of the most complicated things. This is why I’ve created this guide, and if you decide to follow the advice below, your friends will have the time of their life. If you’re over the age of 12, you know that the usual thing is to have strippers and lap dances, and that’s all fine, but you can do better than the ho-hum routine of beer.


  1. Paintball

It is a good idea to have a few outings together, so that everyone gets a chance to know each other better, and Paintball is great in that way as it requires communication, strategy as a team and backing each other up in a session. You can also combine the bachelor and bachelorette party, and the bridesmaids can take on the groomsman to make things more interesting, as the losers can buy the winners dinner. Many bachelor parties are the same, going to a club or a casino, so if you’ve been in multiple wedding parties it can get boring. There are possibilities to make your Paintball party interesting. A group session is affordable, which is important as you have to pay for gifts and more, as opposed to going to a casino where the bill can add up quickly and you can’t have a better idea of how to budget your money ahead of time. There are countless reasons to choose Paintball for your bachelor party, if you’re looking for some fun and unique place, so below we will walk you through some of the best. You can get in shape as it’s a great exercise, and everyone wants to look their best on the big day, trying to shed a few extra pounds. You probably don’t know many people who chose paintball for their bachelor party, so you are sure to spark more interest, while allowing the party to get to know each other better. Playing paintball can give you a full body workout, especially if it’s a 3 or 4-hour Paintball session near the beach, relaxing your muscles afterward or partaking in other traditional bachelor party activities.


  1. A night with hot escorts

This is a great idea because it’s much easier for 15 dudes to have fun when there are some pretty stunning girls helping them hit the sauna or drink until they drop dead. Check out the internet for an London escort agency nearby and then schedule an appointment with a variety of beautiful women escorts who are great dancers as well, and you’re friends will surely have the time of their life in a city of sin. The night of men must be one of the best memorable nights in a man’s life, and with some escorts accompanying you it will be.


  1. Play poker

It’s easy: grill some steaks and play some Texas Hold ‘Em.

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