5 Popular Paintball Game Types

5 Popular Paintball Game Types

Here are some paintball types with different variations, usually specified before a game begins, including the original Woodsball and the tournament favorite Speedball. If every game were played exactly the same, you would get bored, that’s why there are different variations of the game and a variety of fields, and this guide will help you choose which type to play. As paintball’s popularity has increased, people find out how it can be played.


There is such a variety of games you can play that you might get overwhelmed with having to learn all the rules and techniques, which is why it is a good idea to start with a relatively simple game. You might also be interested to know that you can rent gear by booking it in advanced and cheap paintball guns might be good for those starting out. Played either indoors or outdoors, whether your game is speedball or tournament play, you’ll want to adjust your equipment.


Below you will find five paintball games that are keeping it simple, before you get into complicated rules.


  1. Woodsball / Recreational Paintball

Woodsball can involve any range of players, as the size and terrain of woodsball fields make it unlikely for a player to observe much. Some woods could have terrain like barricades and there are several variants including Elimination, King of the Hill and Zombies. Many playing locations have their own custom variations, so you can engage in any number of scenarios such as assaults on fortified positions. Otherwise known as Bushball, this paintball format is played in outdoor areas with players marking their opponents using a paintball gun.


  1. Neutral Bomb

A bomb object is placed usually in a building, and the objective is to take it into the enemy’s base.


  1. King of the Hill

The bases may be arranged in a path, and the team must control all previous bases along it, or throughout the field of play, and reinforcements are common as it is otherwise unlikely any team will capture all bases.


  1. Speedball

Speedball is one of the most common, the style used in tournaments, with fairly simple rules. A tournament is the easiest to control if you wish to use strategy. Whichever team’s player is left remaining at the end, wins, so it’s a great way to learn how to play. Some people like to play with more than one life and if this is the case, the player resumes playing until all of its lives have expired, with the last man standing. It is probably the most traditional format of paintball, the main one used by professional leagues, where teams are typically small and each team has a starting base. Speedball games are usually short because the interaction is close range and most courses lack trees, allowing players to see the entire field.


  1. Capture the flag

The elimination rules are the same as speedball but there is an extra factor: your team has to claim a flag and make it back to your home base.

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