3 Tips for Beginners with Paintball Games

3 Tips for Beginners with Paintball Games

Paintball game is played in different styles, and the field you choose determines how the game develops, so it’s a major factor to consider. Welcome to paintball, a sport with a vibrant community that is willing to help with any questions. New players should put these strategy tips into practice.


When pitted against those that have played before, it is essential that you read up on our tested tips. Beginners make mistakes but after all it’s just another game, and if you have a marker and gas you should experiment, increase your experience and have fun. Paintball is an adrenaline adventure, a battle between galaxies, of the living and the dead, where you must not surrender.


Everyone was a paintball newbie, so try to learn from experience on the field, because it doesn’t mean you have to lose.


  1. Don’t be afraid

Your head will be a target, so don’t look above the barricade for more than two seconds. Paintball is safer than golf, basketball or other sports, although it gives you a huge adrenaline rush, so once you’ve come over yourself you’ll be running around playing all day long. This is a fairly boring way to spend your first paintball game, because better players will move more quickly putting you at a disadvantage, so move yourself. The referees know what they’re doing and will be able to tell you how to use the equipment and keep your mask on at all times. Yes, it can sting and you might get hot, but a moment later you’ll have forgotten all about it so you must not be worried. You won’t see your opponent before he spots you if you never look around, so concentrate on the entire area, don’t be afraid to look around.


  1. Work within the team

The more you communicate, the more you will be able to keep track of where on the field the opposing players are, so you can shout, it will improve your game. Paintball is first and foremost a team sport, so even highly skilled players can be bested by beginners who talk before the game and figure out who should defend certain parts of the field. Beginners seldom talk, keeping their problems to themselves, not telling you about the opponents he’s spotted. During the game, let your nearby teammates know if you want to ambush someone, so they can provide coverage for you and keep track of how many players are left. Just like the rules, a well thought out plan is vital. Make sure to keep it discreet so the other team does not hear. Once you’re spotted, yell so you can give your teammates the information they need, but be careful when asking for paint. A good team strategy will make you all work together so that you will be able to crush the competition.


  1. Don’t try to re-use paint pellets

The pellets have a gelatin shell that leads to soft pellets which will start to swell and won’t fall through the hopper.

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